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Veterans Entrepreneurship—Reaching Across Generations

Across the generations, military, veteran, and military spouse entrepreneurs have pursued their version of the American dream—owning and operating a business.  One of our first military veterans,…

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The Importance of Cybersecurity for Small Businesses

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month, a nationwide effort to educate and engage government and private sector stakeholders and the American public on cybersecurity issues through a…

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How to Submit a Winning National Small Business Week Award Nomination

For more than 50 years, National Small Business Week has served as our nation’s salute to small business owners, who create two out of every three net new jobs for Americans. Many household names…

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Part 2 – How to Prepare for a Trade Show and Justify Your Budget

Before you get start, make sure to read part one here. Step…
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Part 1 – How to Prepare for a Trade Show and Justify Your Budget

You’re back in the office after the show. You’ve thanked everyone, collected all the leads–and even collected more leads this year. The show was a success! As you prepare next year’s budget and…

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Fundamentals of Lean Business Planning

Every business owner should be aware of lean business planning. It’s a perfect compromise between the old-fashioned formal business plan that is too big and static, and the kind of small steps and…

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10 Ways to Keep Your Mobile Devices (and the Data on Them) More Secure

Mobile devices pose heightened security risks. Those risks come in several forms. Devices — including business data saved on them such as call records, contacts, images, videos,…
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It’s a Big Deal to Be a Women-Owned Small Business

While businesses are barred from discriminating against job applicants and employees on the basis of sex, the federal government does give a little edge to businesses owned by women. Under the law…
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The Pros and Cons of Being the Boss

There are pros and cons to any decisions you make in your life. This includes the small ones and the big ones. In my role as a franchise ownership advisor, I’ve had the distinct advantage of…

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The Chicken and the Egg: Why Diversity Matters in Investing

Small businesses need investors, and investors need small businesses. These are facts of life in the business world. And just like the chicken and the egg, you can’t have one without the other….

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5 Bad Habits That Hurt a Company’s Credit Ratings

Procrastination, overspending and nail-biting are common examples of bad habits. Let’s face it, everyone has their vices, but some bad habits are so hard to break. Although we’re all susceptible…

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11 Million Reasons to Celebrate National Women’s Small Business Month

October is National Women’s Small Business Month, and there’s plenty to celebrate as recent research notes major gains for women in business.

As shown in our latest…

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