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Take action to protect your business ahead of the storm

There’s a big storm bearing down on the Gulf Coast. It’s not too late to take action to protect your small business, your clients and your employees from the threat posed by Hurricane Harvey. The…

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What I learned about business from a Girl Scout cookie entrepreneur

When I was a Girl Scout, selling cookies meant dragging a wagon full of boxes door to door in my North Carolina neighborhood. I didn’t have online tools or a marketing plan or even a real…

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Business Owners: Avoid the Crystal Ball and Chain

Have you noticed how sometimes people don’t want to plan because they don’t want to put future numbers on record? I call this the “crystal ball and chain” problem. People are thinking “if I write…

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10 Things Savvy Online Marketers Do To Get Web Traffic

Today there are 1.2 billion websites — or one website for every seven people in the world!…
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How To Complain To Your Franchisor To Get An Issue Resolved

Occasionally, franchise owners run into problems running their businesses.
If you decide to become a franchise owner, who should you communicate with to get an issue you’re…

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5 Key Financial Tips When Starting a Business from Home

Did you know more than 52% of all small businesses in the U.S. are home based? According to the Small Business Administration, there are more than 28 million small businesses in the United…
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Cultivating a Business

farmer's market vegetablesWho doesn’t love the freshness of vine-ripened…

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Training the Staff You Envision

For small business owners, it can be difficult to find good job candidates. Small businesses often times have to compete in the job market with large employers offering an attractive menu of…
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4 Marketing Mistakes That Can Get You in Legal Trouble

Advertising and marketing is regulated by federal law, and if you’re not on top of the regulations that apply to you, your ads could end up costing you more in fines than they bring in business….

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Entrepreneur Obtains Venture Capital with Help from the SBDC

Superior Water Technologies obtained $200,000 in VC funding to support …
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Entrepreneur Positions her Business for Long-Term Growth

The SBDC helped this local business owner restructure her fruit …
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