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Monthly Archives: January 2016

4 Steps to Changing Your Business Structure

There are many reasons to consider a business structure change. With a different business structure, would your business be more successful? Could your sole proprietorship or partnership use more…
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7 Ways to Improve Your Website Homepage

Your website is your virtual place of business.  Just like your regular place of business, you want it to be neat, clean, attractive, inviting and professional looking.

Here are 7 low cost…

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Is Your Small Business Mobile Ready?

More and more people are browsing, shopping, and doing business on their phones and tablets. Currently, 11.3% of the digital population uses mobile only, compared to 10.6% desktop only…
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Mark Your Calendar: Employer Tax Filing Deadlines

As an employer, you have various tax-reporting responsibilities. These responsibilities have expanded. What’s more, the deadlines for some filings have or will be changed. Here’s what you need to…

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GO-Biz is Accepting Applications for $75 Million in Tax Credits

Free Webinar for Businesses Interested in Applying for $75 Million …
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What to Consider Before You Price Your Products

Pricing your products as you launch your small business? It may be worth taking a second look at your pricing strategy. Sure, you could count your material costs and base your price on that…
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The Power of Emotional Marketing

It’s the time of year when everyone is throwing around predictions — and in the marketing world, emotion is shaping up to be a hot marketing trend for 2016. What does emotional marketing mean, and…

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