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Monthly Archives: January 2013

Meal and Rest Breaks – What Small Business Employers Need to Know

Should you pay employees for rest and meal breaks? Are you even required to offer such breaks? We all need rest and meals during work hours and the law stipulates standards for these breaks, including whether your employees should be paid for them. Her…
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How to Craft a Social Media Policy for Your Small Business

If your business interacts with consumers via email or on the web, then it’s likely that you have an online privacy policy that governs how you collect, use and store consumer information. But do you have policies or guidelines that govern how yo…
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Contract Law – How to Create a Legally Binding Contract

Whether you are entering into a relationship with a customer, a vendor or an independent contractor, contracts are a fact of business. You need them because they serve as legally valid agreements protecting your interests. But aren’t contracts la…
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10 Tips for a More Successful Business in 2013 – January 2013

Do you want your small business to enjoy a higher …
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