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What You Need to Know About Changes to the National Defense Authorization Act

The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) recently published a proposed rule to implement Section 1651 of the National Defense Authorization Act of 2013 (NDAA), proposing to change several key…
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Impact Investing: Developing Pathways to Narrowing Gaps

Which phrase do you agree with more: ‘doing well by doing good’ or ‘doing good by doing well’.  My sense is that this is a trick question because regardless of what you lead with, which is…

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History, News on the DHS SBIR Program and Announcement of the FY15.1 SBIR Solicitation

The Department of Homeland Security initiated its SBIR program in 2004 with a goal of increasing the participation of innovative and creative U.S. small businesses in federal research and…
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This Holiday, SBA Celebrates the Brands We Helped Build

Thirty-six years ago, a young computer programmer working out of his parents’ garage was looking for investments so he could create the world’s most user-friendly personal computer. He came upon a…

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10 Tips From SBDC Entrepreneurs

As the year comes to a close, we included some …
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6 Golden Rules for Building Your Business with Social Media

Is your small business on social media? Is it working for you? Tried it but not convinced? Social media is the top online activity in the U.S., according to…
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Franchise Businesses: Online Security Matters

Like you don’t have enough to worry about when you’re setting up your franchise business.

There are many things you’ll need to do before you can open your doors before…

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Everything You Need to Know (Taxwise) About Year-End Bonuses

If your business can afford it and you want to reward employees, year-end cash bonuses may be the way to go. In providing this additional compensation, understand what it means from a tax…
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8 Steps to Becoming a Consultant at 50+

When we think of entrepreneurs, we often picture young, tech-savvy millennials. But the face of American entrepreneurship is actually quite different. A recent…
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5 Ways to Build Trust in a Business

The most valuable business commodity is trust. Richard Branson, author and founder of Virgin Group says, “Building trust in your brand isn’t easy to achieve and it may take time, but it doesn’t…

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Small Businesses Drive U.S. Job Recovery

Talk about a good news Friday.

Today the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that our economy added 321,000 jobs in November. That’s 57 consecutive months we’ve added jobs – the longest…

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Should a Small Business Advertise on Cable TV?

I learned something surprising last month: Although Americans are spending more time than ever online, web surfing isn’t cutting into their TV viewing. On the contrary, it’s actually leading to…

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