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Monthly Archives: July 2016

Summer Reading for the Business Minded

Whether you are on a much needed vacation or in an effort to spur inspiration, the summer months provide an opportunity to reflect and re-engage. From starting a home-based business to handling…
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Quarterly Taxes, The Basics

As a freelancer, single business owner or independent worker, taxes can get a bit tricky. Instead of waiting for the traditional tax season during the months of March and April, it’s in your best…

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5 Things Business Owners do Better with Lean Business Planning

Don’t think of a business plan as a formal document that’s hard to do, useful only for startups, bank loan applications, and seeking investment. Think of it as a lean plan that’s just lists and…

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3 Biggest Problems Implementing a CRM System, and What to Do About Them

CRM or customer relationship management systems can be an incredibly powerful tool to grow your business.  With CRM you can track sales leads, turns leads into closed sales faster, manage customer…

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The Ebbs and Flows of Franchise Brands

Do you remember when everybody practically everywhere was talking about Subway®? I sure do.

Before I got into franchising, the idea of owning a Subway franchise was a hot topic. People from…

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Email Marketing Basics for Small Business

Email marketing is just one of many ways to engage customers and ultimately lead them to purchase a product or service. Building and maintaining a healthy email list is important in learning more…
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Helping Employees TaxWise Who Work from Home

According to GlobalWorkplaceAnalytics.com,* 3.7 million employees (2.8% of the workforce) now work from home at…
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How to Immediately Become a More Credit Savvy Business Owner

Credit plays an important role in your personal and business life. It impacts your purchasing power, the interest rates you’ll pay, and the terms of repayment. The more insight you have about…

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Are You Keeping Up with Your Business Cybersecurity Needs?

The increased connectivity provided by the internet has vastly changed the way we do business. But while most of the effects are for the better — ease of information exchange, ecommerce…

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When to Hire a Copywriter and How to Work With One

Does your small business need a copywriter? Many small business owners try to save money by writing copy for their marketing materials, websites and ads themselves. However, unless you have…
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