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How to Find the Right Private Investor for Your Small Business

Although small businesses still turn to credit unions, community banks, and traditional banks for their capital needs,…
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Why You Need to Take a Fresh Look at Your Market

Years ago I was a foreign correspondent in Mexico City, writing for Business Week and other business publications. One of my favorite contacts was an expert with the U.S. Embassy who…
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National Small Business Week Celebrates the American Entrepreneurial Spirit

What creates two out of three net new American jobs; produces close to half of our nation’s goods and services (nonfarm private GDP); and can be found, coast to coast, in every small town, big…

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Franchise Support: What Does It Mean?

There are certain promises you get when you purchase a franchise business. Some of them come to you by way of the marketing and advertising of a franchise and its …

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5 Ways a New Business Credit Line Can Benefit Your Business

Having access to cash is an essential part of success in business whether your company is just getting started or has…
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Cash or Accrual Accounting? Finding the Right Fit

If you’re getting started in business keeping track of when you get paid is key to good cash flow management. It’s also basic bookkeeping. After all, you don’t want to count income, and pay tax on…

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Access to Capital Event – West Covina Small Business Week 2016

To commemorate this year’s National Small Business Week (May 1- …
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Insurance Coverage if You’re Self-Employed

Federal and/or state law mandates a variety of insurance products that employers must carry for employees. If you’re self-employed, are you required to have the same coverage? Can you have the…

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Go-Biz Small Business Webinar Series

In recognition of Small Business Month this May, GO-Biz’s Office …
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Are you Keeping Ecommerce Info Safe? How to Assure Your Customers That Their Info is Safe

Ecommerce has become commonplace as businesses and online tools have made it easier and easier to exchange goods and services with customers around the globe. While some consumers may have…
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Just Started a Business? Understand your Tax Obligations

If you’re new to business, then wrapping your arms around your tax obligations can seem like an uphill task. The first question you need to ask yourself is which tax laws impact your business from…

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New Small Business Technology Coalition Helps America’s Small Enterprises Go Digital

Editor’s note: This blog first appeared on LinkedIn.

America’s small…

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